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YouTube's Hidden SEO Gems: Unorthodox Tools That Crush the Competition in 2023

So, you wanna conquer the YouTube world and skyrocket your video rankings? Well, you've come to the right place. Grab your caffeinated beverage of choice, because I'm about to spill the tea on how to slay the YouTube algorithm like a boss. Get ready for some epic tips that will take your youtube ranking from meh to magnificent.

And wait for it... at the grand finale, I've got a superstar tool waiting for you that'll blow your mind! Not only does it analyze your video's SEO, but it also sneakily peeks at your competitors' videos too! It's like having a spy on your side to boost your rankings.

If you're wondering whether video ranking actually matters, check this out: it's like one of the VIP passes to reach more viewers!

1. The Power of Keywords for Youtube SEO

Alright, peeps, let's talk about the secret sauce: keywords. These little nuggets of goodness can make or break your YouTube game. Find out what viewers are typing into that search box using tools like Tube Ranker and the YouTube search bar (Also, wait till the end for that epic tool). Sprinkle those keywords naturally into your titles, descriptions, and tags, but don't go overboard like a keyword-crazed maniac. We want to keep it classy, not keyword-stuffed!

Here's what the Keywords look like.

2. Optimized Video Description

Your Chance to Woo the Algorithm. Picture this: You've got the perfect video, but your description is as exciting as watching paint dry. Such a bummer, right? So, Craft a comprehensive and keyword-rich description that accurately represents your video. Remember, the algorithm only shows the first few lines, so make them count! Oh, and don't forget to add timestamps and relevant hashtags for that extra oomph.

Optimised youtube caption
Source: Drk Talks on Youtube

3. Customized Thumbnail

Dress to Impress (and Click!) Think of your thumbnail as your video's best outfit. You want it to stand out in a sea of other videos, just like a fabulous red carpet look. Create a custom thumbnail using tools like Canva, and make it pop! Add witty text, captivating images, and vibrant colors. Trust me, if your thumbnail is a head-turner, viewers won't be able to resist clicking.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Even MrBeast, the reigning champion of YouTube success, stresses the absolute importance of a killer thumbnail. He drops wisdom bombs like, "If people don't click, they don't watch. So, you gotta give 'em something irresistible to click on!”

4. Finding the Right Video Length

Short and Sweet, or Long and Lovable? It's like finding the perfect length for your videos is solving a mystery. Short videos tend to hold attention better, but hey, experiment away! Analyze audience engagement, see what tickles their fancy, and find that magical video length that can retain your audience throughout. Sherlock Holmes would be proud!

In general, data shows viewers love long videos but only when done right.

5. Understanding Video Analytics

Sherlock Mode Activated YouTube analytics is your trusty magnifying glass to unlock viewer behavior mysteries. Watch time, engagement, and audience retention are your clues. Dive deep, Sherlock, and discover areas for improvement. Discover where they got hooked, where they lost interest, and make your videos even more epic. YouTube Studio is your Watson here, guiding you through the labyrinth of data. Analyze, refine, and conquer!

But hold on tight, because there's one more tool. This tool not only provides analytics but also delivers a consolidated report and an actionable checklist to supercharge your YouTube strategy. I'm saving the best for last.

6. Powerful CTAs (Call-to-Actions)

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Don't just sit there like a YouTube wallflower. Ask your viewers to take action! Sprinkle strong and relevant CTAs throughout your videos. Be it subscribing, liking, commenting, or sharing, let your viewers know what you want from them. It's like giving them a little nudge in the right direction. Get ready for some serious engagement.

Engagement is crucial for Youtube SEO. Don’t take my word for it because it’s the data that’s doing the talking.

does engagement affect youtube SEO
Source: Backlinko

7. Importance of Playlists

Ready to be the YouTube DJ and create killer playlists? Playlists are like your video curators—they keep things organized and promote your content like nobody's business. They boost user engagement, increase watch time, and even

give your video rankings a boost. So, jazz up those playlist titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. It's like curating the perfect content mix for your viewers!

Youtube SEO ranker

8. Magic of Closed Captions aka Subtitles

Closed captions. Not only do they make your videos more accessible, but they also work wonders for SEO. YouTube's got your back with automatic captioning but sometimes it’s inaccurate. What you can do is, use it but adjust it manually. Captions on, SEO boosted!

You can use Autocap on mobile or premiere pro to generate subtitles.

9. Promotion of Videos on Social Media Platforms

Alright, time to spread your videos beyond the borders of youtube. Social media, our trusty sidekick, is here to save the day! Promote your videos on platforms like Instagram, Threads, etc that suit your style. Craft engaging posts and use relevant hashtags. Social media is your megaphone, so be sure to make some noise!

10. Ultimate Tool for Keywords, Competition, and Channel Success

There is a killer extension that finds related keywords and scopes out your rivals, all in the name of boosting your videos' search engine visibility. With it by your side, your YouTube channel will flourish like never before!

Drumrolls, please! The extension is TubeBuddy.

Psst... the free plan has its limits, but fear not! If you want more insights and domination, upgrading is just a click away. Get your competitive edge with TubeBuddy now!

Congratulations! Armed with these epic tips, you're ready to conquer the YouTube rankings and woo the algorithm like a pro.

Remember, stay consistent, experiment fearlessly, and always stay up-to-date with YouTube's ever-changing rules. Your YouTube empire is waiting, so go out there, create phenomenal content, and rock those rankings!

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