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Ruhee Dosani: I never thought of becoming a content creator

With her trademark black hat, plaited long black hair, and those effortlessly cool shades, Ruhee Dosani has become a sensation, amassing a whopping 2.2 million followers on Instagram. But did you know that the journey from her IT job to becoming the 'Punjabi Kudi' we all adore wasn't something she had planned for? Let's rewind the tape and relive the tale of this vivacious content creator.

Ruhee dosani's journey as a content creator

The pandemic marks the rise of Ruhee Dosani

It was during the gloomy days of the pandemic that Ruhee's light-hearted and fun content emerged as a ray of sunshine for her growing audience. The world was grappling with uncertainty, and creativity seemed to be on hiatus. Enter Ruhee and her infectious energy, armed with videos that were as spontaneous as they were entertaining. As people struggled to find their groove, Ruhee effortlessly danced her way into their hearts, providing much-needed light-heartedness at the time.

Ruhee dosani on attending Cannes film festival

A natural entertainer since childhood

Ruhee's journey into content creation was rooted in her innate desire to spread joy. "As a Punjabi girl, I've always found ways to keep myself amused," she chuckles, reminiscing about her childhood. From college festivals to annual functions, she was no stranger to the spotlight. "I even won an award for best facial expressions once – that made me really happy," she shares. Her love for music and dancing became her stress buster, and little did she know that these very passions would shape her destiny.

The Viral Breakthrough

It was her video dancing to Diljit Dosanjh's song "GOAT" that became her breakthrough moment. The video was unchoreographed, spontaneous, and brimming with relatability – a formula that resonated deeply with viewers. "Authenticity is probably what worked for me," Ruhee humbly admits. The video went viral, and soon, people were recognizing her as the 'Punjabi Kudi' living abroad, creating reels with her 'We Desi' friends.

Global Blend of the Desi Vibe

Ruhee Dosani, India's top influencer/content creator

Ruhee's content is a celebration of multicultural camaraderie. With her 'We Desi' foreigner friends, she's been spreading Desi vibes around the world. From Bhojpuri to Punjabi tracks, and even Yashraj Mukhate's viral mashups, Ruhee and her crew have turned their love for Indian music and culture into a global party. They've transformed the digital space into a dance floor where boundaries are blurred, and everyone's invited.

Ruhee Dosani at Cannes Film Festival 2023

Ruhee Dosani's exclusive interview after attending Cannes Film Festival 2023

2023 saw Ruhee's journey take a glamorous turn as she graced the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. With her trademark enthusiasm and positivity, Ruhee made her debut at the iconic event. "I felt nothing but happiness and positivity," she gushes, her excitement infectious. Just like her content, Ruhee's presence at Cannes radiated the same zest for life that she's become known for.

Her approach to Collaboration with Celebrities

With fame came collaborations, and Ruhee didn't disappoint. From Amir Khan to Kartik Aryan and Priyanka Chopra, Ruhee's videos became a stage for star-studded fun. What's her secret? "Tailoring the videos to the celebrity while retaining my own personality," Ruhee explains. These collaborations were not just about entertainment; they were a celebration of creativity, with celebrities joining in the fun, creating a delightful synergy.

Ruhee Dosani with Amir Khan

Ruhee Dosani with Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Ruhee Dosani's Advice to Emerging Content Creators

Ruhee is full of advice for aspiring/ budding content creators who are eager to become successful in the dynamic world of content creation.

1. Be Authentic, Be You: Ruhee's mantra is authenticity. "Don’t put out content that is not you and don’t put out content that spreads hatred," she emphasizes. Being true to oneself attracts a loyal and genuine audience.

2. Keep Creativity Flowing: Ruhee acknowledges the struggle against monotony. "Content may get monotonous so you have to keep the creative juices flowing," she affirms. It's the commitment to innovation that keeps content fresh and captivating.

Ruhee Dosani's advice to aspiring content creators

3. Chase Dreams Unapologetically: Ruhee's call to action is direct: "If you are thinking about becoming a content creator, you are already a step ahead. I never thought of becoming one. If you have a vision, never give up." Starting is the first step towards turning vision into reality.

4. Embrace Transparency: Ruhee's bond with her audience is built on transparency. She reveals, "My audience values my openness, humour, and genuine enjoyment I offer them as a result." Sharing one's authentic self fosters a deeper connection with followers.

5. Cultivate Commitment: According to Ruhee, "Commitment and honesty is the best way to reach one's goal." Maintaining dedication forms the core of a creator's journey to success.

6. Channel Your Passion into Content: Ruhee's love for dancing is palpable in her content. She advises aspiring creators to follow suit and "follow their hearts." She believes that letting your genuine passion shine through is a surefire way to captivate your audience.

Ruhee's journey from the IT world to becoming a social media sensation is a reminder that life is full of surprises, and sometimes the path we're meant to follow isn't the one we initially set out on. So go ahead, hit record, start that blog, paint that canvas, or pen that story. The stage is set for anyone willing to embrace their unique rhythm.

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