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Is there more to Instagram than just Reel trends?

Do you think Instagram is all about reel trends like Wes Anderson aesthetics (I loved this trend though) and “Don’t Rush” Dance hooks? You are not wrong. Trends do work but I want to introduce you guys to a new wave of content that’s captured Instagram audiences lately. Buckle up, because the Instagram landscape is evolving faster than you can swipe left!

Instagram reach memes. Wes Anderson memes. Barbie memes. Reel trends memes.

1. Storytelling Reels

Who said Instagram reels were only about the five-second attention span? Prepare to have your mind blown by the art of storytelling in these pint-sized videos. Think creatively capturing life's quirky moments or concocting an entire saga out of your daily adventures.

Instagram reach memes. Reel trends memes.

Shoutout to @Sidiously, whose experimental storytelling has not only captivated Instagram but also earned a nod from news articles. Finally, a place where stories live longer than a goldfish's memory!

2. Vox Pop: Candid Street Interviews Take Center Stage

Me and my friends entering church street to give street interviews  - Church street memes

If you haven't stumbled upon those impromptu street interviews, have you even scrolled through Instagram? Vox pop is all the rage right now, thanks to its unscripted, candid nature. Curious creators like @getonepercent and @officialbrokebrothers are nailing it with questions that range from the informative "How did you get your first job?" to the entertaining "What is your Red flag?" You'll be laughing, nodding, and maybe even cringing at some of the answers.

3. Casual GRWM Videos - The Well-known Instagram Reel Trend

Get Ready with Me videos are classics, but now, they've got a laid-back makeover, thanks to the influence of reels. Quick, casual, and still utterly engaging – the GRWM narration is like chatting with your BFF while picking out an outfit or applying makeup. And hey, extra credit for the ASMR vibes that soothe your soul, or those clumsier moments that remind us it's okay to fumble a bit in the name of glam!

4. Street Photography Videos

Imagine a photographer walking up to a stranger and asking, "Mind if I take a picture of you?" The result? Shots that perfectly seize the essence of that moment. The anticipation among viewers to see the end result will be through the roof. Check out @armaankhan.og to see how it’s done.

Me, waiting for a street photographer to take my pictures - Street photography memes, church street memes

5. Podcast-Type Videos

Hold onto your earbuds, because podcast snippets have migrated from YouTube to become Instagram's new favourite. From passionate rants about pineapple on pizza to profound discussions on life's mysteries, these videos are as diverse as your Spotify playlist. Tune in to accounts like @undercitypodcast, and @untriggeredpodcast where authenticity and candid conversations rule the digital airwaves.

6. Transition Videos

Guess what's not leaving Instagram anytime soon? That's right – transition videos! These visually appealing videos create that suspenseful "what's next" moment, keeping us all thoroughly hooked.

GRWM memes. Instagram memes.

Instagram trends are for a week or two but these content formats are more like a genre. These formats are fun, mostly unscripted and a major change from where Instagram reels started.

Also, Have you come across vox pop or storytelling videos? If so, do you like them better than regular Instagram trends? Comment down below.

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