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Instagram's Latest Template Update Is a Content Creator's Dream

Content creators, brace yourselves, for the days of struggling with rigid Reel templates are finally behind us. We all know the struggle of trying to squeeze our vision into cookie-cutter templates or desperately searching for the right template for that perfect song or trend. But fear not! Instagram has come to our rescue, armed with a reel-ly amazing Reel template update released on July 19th.

Instagram reel template update july 7th 2023

Find Inspiration and Avoid Template Panic

Ever felt stuck in the template labyrinth? Instagram's new and improved Template Browser is here to guide you. It's like having a trendy GPS for your creativity!

You can now browse templates through categories like Recommended, Trending, and audio you've saved.

You can find the Template Browser through the Reels Tab by tapping on the camera icon and selecting "Templates." It's like finding a hidden treasure chest of inspiration. Ready to explore?

How to access reels template 2023

Here's another way to access the Template Browser:

  • Tap the Create button

  • Select "REEL"

  • Open your camera gallery by tapping the image in the lower-left corner.

  • Tap on "Templates"

What is the future of Reel Templates?

Prepare to have your editing time cut short! Instagram has elevated the creation and editing experience for templates, making it a piece of cake to produce jaw-dropping Reels. When you create from a template, Instagram automatically adds the audio, number of clips, duration, and even AR effects to your reel. It's like having a personal Reel assistant!

But wait, there's more! In the coming weeks, Instagram will automatically add text and transitions used in the original reel. It's the reel deal, folks! And if that's not enough, these templates are fully customizable. You have the power to add or remove clips, tweak timings, or edit any preloaded element. Flexibility at its finest!

Remember, Instagram is always working its magic to improve the Reels experience, so expect more updates and surprises along the way. I will keep you posted. Also, What are your thoughts on this new reel template update? Do you think it will ease up the process? Let me know in the comments.

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