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From Chumma Creating Content to Becoming a Global Influencer: Niharika NM

Yes. The Niharika NM, if you say she is a G.O.A.T. she might actually start imitating a goat, to make you laugh your belly out. One of the best talented and relatable entertainers in India, who started as a small creator from Bangalore has eventually become one of the biggest creators on the global stage.

Niharika Nm

But who is Niharika? Well, she's a gorgeous individual with a down-to-earth personality. Her ability to connect with her audience and bring joy through her content has made her immensely popular. She's someone you can relate to and have a great time with, but before that let’s take a deep dive into her successful creative journey.

From Humble Beginnings

Niharika was born in Chennai and was bought up in Bangalore. Like every other South Indian, she too considered being an engineer, but halfway through it, she started creating content as a hobby. Her initial audience was her friends, parents, and family.

Niharika NM

Recognizing YouTube's popularity and untapped potential in the West, Niharika wholeheartedly embraced the platform and began sharing her hilarious videos.

"I can do whatever I want for fun. That thing I did for fun is now my job and I couldn't have asked for a happier ending although this is just the beginning".

What really made Niharika stand out was her charming Bangalorean accent, which added a natural and funny touch to her content. Eventually, what caught people's attention; was the engaging and quality content she created.

Niharika NM

One of her most notable video series is called "Types," where she covers a wide range of relatable topics such as "Types of People In An Elavator" or "Types of Eaters." One of Niharika's videos "Types of Students Before an Exam" went viral, attracting 10,000 new subscribers within hours and marking a pivotal turning point in her content creation journey.

Niharika NM

The Grand Lockdown Spectacle - Niharika NM Style

Niharika NM instagram video

While the COVID-19 pandemic devastated people's lives, creators like Niharika achieved remarkable outcomes. Her content became a source of entertainment and laughter during these challenging times. One of Niharika's videos titled 'Living Alone 101' became a sensation on Instagram, amassing an astonishing 11 million views in less than 13 days.

From almost quitting social media to what my life is now, I'm beyond grateful

Niharika quickly became one of the fastest-growing creators on Instagram, going from 100k to 1 million followers in just TWO months. Her current following stands at over 3.4 M on Instagram and 2 M+ on YouTube, showing how much the internet is obsessed with her.

Niharika NM instagram bio

Real REEL Queen:

Niharika is known for creating storytelling short-form videos where she transforms ordinary experiences into something extraordinary, making her content enjoyable for all.

Niharika NM insta profile

I just talk to my friends and family for inspiration and they are all so animated, over-the-top. They are such clowns that I tend to find content when I interact with them.”

Her most loved character, her reel-life mother, which was also the first character she wrote, is a little exaggerated.

Niharika Nm Mother video

Niharika herself admits that her audience seems to enjoy her mother's character more than they enjoy her as a person. It shows how much people connect with and adore those ordinary yet lovable characters she portrays.

“They say, can you do that again? We like the mom better”

Jokes Apart, Celebs Love her:

Niharika NM with KGF Yash

Niharika, a self-proclaimed theater lover, played a significant role in introducing Instagram reels to Telugu star Mahesh Babu and Kannada star Yash. Her initial reel with the renowned K.G.F. Superstar Yash created a massive buzz! Not stopping there, Niharika's reel with Mahesh Babu garnered a staggering 34+ million views, reaching a wider audience.

Mahesh Babu with Niharika NM

The tremendous success of these two viral reels opened doors for Niharika to collaborate with a multitude of celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra, John Legend, Aamir Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Devarakonda, Dulquer Salman, and many others. It's an absolute delight to witness how effortlessly she puts these actors at ease and brings forth funny concepts that have never been explored

Aamir khan, Priyanka Chopra, John Legend, DQ, Ranbir kapoor, shahid kapoor

“ It’s very new new, I think They know what they are doing, and they think I know what I am doing”

Niharika has set a remarkable benchmark for other creators when it comes to video production, quality, editing, visualization, and humor.

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From Bangalore Macha to Cannes Diva!

Niharika Nm with youtube

Niharika NM, at just 23 years old, achieved the impressive feat of representing India at YouTube Creators for Change twice.

Her biggest accomplishment was winning the Youth Icon-Entertainer of the Year Award at the Cannes World Influencers And Bloggers Awards in 2022.

Niharika Nm award

She was also honored to be included in Forbes Asia's prestigious 30 under 30 list for 2022.

Niharika Nm forbes

"The feeling is surreal and indescribably wonderful. I consider myself fortunate because I have found an audience that loves and supports me"

Cannes Niharika Nm

Niharika Nm cannes award

Niharika Nm Cannes Red Carpet

Niharika has had the honor of attending the prestigious Cannes event twice. This has allowed her to gradually win over the hearts of the global audience as well, expanding her reach beyond national boundaries.

Chumma Lessons

Niharika Nm rolling stone cover

From Niharika's creative journey, here are key takeaways for creators to embrace:

1. Find inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life: Like Niharika, explore the ordinary things that often go unnoticed and transform them into compelling content.

2. Embrace your culture and accent: Let your unique identity shine through, just as Niharika did with her distinctive cultural background and accent. It adds authenticity and sets you apart from the crowd.

3. Connect through relatability and humor: Niharika's success lies in her ability to connect with her audience on a humorous level. Strive to create content that resonates with people's experiences and brings a smile to their faces.

4. Consistency is key: Even when faced with moments of doubt, Niharika remained motivated and consistent in her content creation journey. Learn from her dedication and commit to consistently sharing your work, even during challenging times.

5. Stay true to yourself and your passion: Throughout her journey, Niharika remained true to herself and her love for theatre and creating content. It's essential to stay connected to your passion and create content that aligns with your authentic self.

niharika NM

As Niharika keeps delighting her audience with her hilarious imitations and entertaining content, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of more extraordinary video concepts from her.

Feel free to share your thoughts on her creative journey in the comments below!

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