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Are you keeping up with Kullubaazi?

Yes, I am talking about Aaditya Kulshreshth aka Kullu Baazi. He is known for his stand-up comedy shows and ranting videos on Instagram. He has been in the industry for more than 6 years and he has gone from being a radio jockey to a Netflix host. He is funny, smart, and took some very calculated decisions that led to where he is today. I am super excited to uncover his journey. I hope you are too.

Kullu baazi's Radio Odyssey

Now, picture this: for three whole years, Aaditya rocked the airwaves as the host of "Mirchi Hangout." He was the go-to guy for outdoor broadcasts, on-ground events, and celebrity interactions.

But, working at a radio station can sometimes feel like being trapped in a box. Content freedom? Limited. Timeframe? Tighter than ever. It's like squeezing all the fun into a tiny window.

So, despite having a decent time, Aaditya decided to move on. No hard feelings towards the radio station, of course. It's just that the format didn't quite hit the spot for him. He craved something more, something that would truly satisfy his creative soul.

Content Producer at Blunt - A major shift

In just one year, he soaked up knowledge like a sponge at this creative hub called “The Blunt”. It was like his own personal film school!

From ideating to writing hilarious branded sketches for the YouTube channel, Aaditya's creativity knew no bounds. But he quickly learned the art of balancing imagination with production. Dreaming of a moon adventure? Well, real-world constraints had him grounded.

And that's not all! Aaditya's time at "The Blunt" opened his eyes to the intricate world of production and YouTube's backend. Talk about unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge!

Kullu Baazi moving to Mumbai

Back in Bhopal, he felt that his content was becoming saturated and his perspective was limited. That's when he realized that moving to Mumbai was the right step to shake things up and open himself to new horizons.

So, here's the deal: Aaditya absolutely loves Mumbai! Why? Well, for starters, this city offers an incredible blend of opportunities. It's a place where you can pack multiple experiences into a single day.

In the world of comedy, building bonds with fellow comedians is vital when collaborating. After all, comedy thrives on emotional compatibility and shared experiences, and that usually happens when you spend time together, exchanging ideas and laughter. And that's precisely what Mumbai provides—an environment where you can meet and collaborate with the people who truly inspire you.

From Tanmay Reacts to 'Keeping it Kullu'

While writing for the incredibly talented Zakir Khan, destiny brought Kullu Baazi face-to-face with none other than the legendary Tanmay Bhat. And guess what? That encounter changed the game for him!

Soon enough, Aaditya began making appearances in Tanmay's highly popular "Tanmay Reacts" videos. He quickly gained recognition as "Writer op" in these videos, charming the audience with his relatable anecdotes and humorous tales of daily life and his middle-class upbringing. The viewers simply couldn't get enough!

For Kullu, this experience was like a major career shift. The acceptance and love he received after appearing on the show were overwhelming. But here's the cherry on top: Aaditya now has his own series called "Keeping it Kullu" on Netflix India's YouTube channel. How inspiring is that!!

Kullubaazi’s fascination with Books and Hollywood

One book that holds a special place in Aaditya's heart is "Mujhe Chand Chahiye" by Surender Verma. It's a captivating tale that follows the adventures of a small-town girl who falls head over heels for the mesmerizing world of theater and European art. Aaditya connected with this story on a personal level, being from a small town himself.

And then, it happened! Aaditya experienced his first Hollywood movie—brace yourself—none other than, "Inception." The sheer brilliance of the film blew his mind, opening doors to a whole new realm of storytelling and filmmaking. We can all relate to that, right?

Kullu’s Take on Hustle Culture

According to Aaditya, if hustling is your jam and you genuinely enjoy the fast-paced, go-getter lifestyle, then go ahead and embrace it. But here's the thing – there's no need to succumb to unwanted pressure and stress if hustling isn't your cup of tea.

In his view, it's crucial to prioritize making life more valuable and fun. Instead of being solely focused on the hustle, aim to create cherished memories and experiences. Life is too short to get caught up in constant hustling.

So, let's embrace a balanced approach. Working hard towards your goals is important, but it's equally vital to prioritize self-care, personal growth, and enjoying the journey along the way.

Navigating Unstable Pay and Uncertain Opportunities

Initially, Aaditya considered stand-up as a hobby, unsure of its longevity. However, he saw great potential in writing as a career. With numerous options available, such as writing for established artists or content houses, he knew writing could offer him a solid path forward. So he shifted his focus to being a content writer.

When it comes to money, Aaditya is well aware of the uncertainties in creative industries. While collaborations with brands might be happening now, he understands that such opportunities are never guaranteed. In the ever-changing game, you can't always be at the top.

What can we learn from Kullu Baazi?

1. Embrace growth and don't settle for mediocrity: Kullu Baazi's journey shows the importance of seeking new opportunities and pushing beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

2. Expand your knowledge and never stop learning: Kullu Baazi's time at "The Blunt" highlights the power of continuous learning and honing your skills to reach new creative heights.

3. Surround yourself with inspiring people: Moving to Mumbai allowed Kullu Baazi to collaborate and connect with like-minded comedians, showcasing the significance of a supportive creative community.

4. Be open to unexpected opportunities: They might be life-changing: Kullu Baazi's encounter with Tanmay Bhat led to incredible opportunities and emphasizes the value of seizing unexpected moments that can transform your career.

5. Connect with your audience through authenticity: Kullu Baazi's relatable storytelling and sharing of personal experiences resonated with his audience, showcasing the power of authenticity in building a loyal fan base.

I love how doable it seems when I walk through Kullubaazi's journey. It gives a sense of hope to me. I hope it does the same for you. Are you pro hustle culture? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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